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Zoning Out in July

Well, summer finally arrived in Vancouver, after a mostly terrible July and I like most people¬†am grateful. Although in many ways the last month has been a complete write off for me both personally and professionally, I have managed to accomplish a few things…....
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Vintage glass heals the soul

So I sat down to write something profound, a set of prose so delicately flowered with beautiful words and powerful illusions that scholars would be sweating over my masterpiece for decades, pulling ever bit of meaning out of my words and crowning me a literary genius....
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Widgeon Falls Day Trip

Yesterday, was a good day. My sister and myself went to conquer the¬†Widgeon falls day hike in Maple Ridge. Now, this is by no means the first time we have teamed up to take on a day hike, in fact it was due to having tackled a lot of Vancouver’s day hikes on...
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