Well, summer finally arrived in Vancouver, after a mostly terrible July and I like most people am grateful. Although in many ways the last month has been a complete write off for me both personally and professionally, I have managed to accomplish a few things…. a couple of hikes here and there, some people watching in Vancouver, and a visit to the island. I know….not exactly life changing stuff, not even life altering but whatever we can’t all be highlight machines like some people try so desperately to be on Facebook or whatever social media site is trending at the moment. I do have one particular ongoing project that I now believe to be coming to fruition or at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So probably by the end of the summer, I will actually have some bigger news to share with the internet world or myself since… this is practically a journal with the amount of people following me (that would be zero at the moment hahaha). Regardless of the lack of impact this blog makes, I am going to share a experience I had recently.

So not much has been happening in my life, and I really can’t blame any one but myself for that fact but I found this happening interesting and maybe you will too. So here is the situation, I am standing at the platform at Waterfront waiting for a subway to take me to Richmond to later catch two buses to get home. I was already exhausted having spent the whole day searching for the mythical unicorn that is a pantone color guide and was feeling sorry for myself. This lead to my eyes glossing over like a modern zombie, literally pulling me away from reality into some sort of beta state. I was now in full auto pilot when the train arrived. The doors pulled open, and I stepped on like I have millions other times, I found a wall to lean against and I continued to worry about my lack of career, my lack of romance, my lack of whatever, along with whatever popped into my head. I swear I do this as a form of self induced torture, just so I can analyze and scrutinize metaphysical situations that are in the past or will never happen. As I did gymnastics within my skull, the train moved from stop to stop, people rushed in before others could get out causing the usual but completely avoidable traffic jams and I didn’t notice or care in the least. Eventually, I snapped out of my stupor long enough to catch parts of a conversation that two young love birds were having, I found the entirety of their flirtations nauseating and soon shifted back into my sleep walk mode but not before I heard the robot voice announce the next stop… waterfront! I swear it took me like ten seconds to comprehend what had happened, and when I did all I could do was laugh to myself and curse my mind for running away with me. I don’t know if this has happened to any of you out there but it feels like a quantum leap or vortex where time has no real meaning… time flies when you are having fun or when you are completely void of sensory input, hahaha. Enjoy some snaps from my iPhone.