So I sat down to write something profound, a set of prose so delicately flowered with beautiful words and powerful illusions that scholars would be sweating over my masterpiece for decades, pulling ever bit of meaning out of my words and crowning me a literary genius. Ok, that was a bold face lie, although I will try my best to at least keep the few people who sit down to read my entries entertained. Alright, with that lengthy intro over, I shall start my opus. I thought I would begin today’s post with one major revelation I have had in regards to photography. Vintage lens are simply the best. I say this because recently I have hit some lean times and had to sell the majority of my camera gear to keep alive. In going so, I was left with only a old T2I and a bunch of old prime lens from the 70s and 80s. Now, at first I was so bummed by losing my 5d, and L series lens that I didn’t pick up a camera for two months maybe even 3 … I had fallen in love, had been dumped and was left a little heart broken. I wasn’t ready to see the silver lining of my failure as a commercial photographer, I just felt rejected and deflated.

Then the realization dawned on me, that I could shot whatever the hell I wanted, whenever the hell I wanted! Basically, I could go back to having fun with taking photos. A day later I grabbed my obsolete camera set up and headed to the beach. Within a few minutes I was a seasoned vet with the manual focus and began enjoying the hands on approach forced upon me by my new/old equipment.  It seems to me that it should be fun…  its not really about the number pixels or the newest tech or even the composition, its about the process. It starts with just being there, doing it, enjoying it, where it finishes is really none of my concern. So if you are broke, go to your local thrift store and buy yourself and old prime, you can thank me later.