The title pretty much says it all, wandering the streets of Vancouver has become a weekly ritual of mine over the past few months. It starts with a yearning to get out of the suburbs at any cost.  This line of thinking leads to sitting on a bus, then a subway and after about an hour or so of staring out windows, arriving in the big city. I rarely have any plan or ambition other then to simple move where ever my heart leads me, like water I usually take the path of least resistance which almost always brings me to parts of the city I never knew existed. Recently, during one of these wanderings I came upon the Christ Church Cathedral, which was covered in tarps, scaffolding and an orchestra of hellish noise that comes with construction but to my great surprise the doors were open to visitors. The whole scene reminded me of my time in Europe, beautiful cathedrals lost in a maze of metal and tarps leaving the reconstruction of their grandeur to your imagination but I thought that this is where the comparison would have ended, I was wrong.

Upon entering the church, I was greeted with a spectacular mass of arched wooden beams and low hanging lanterns, inviting me inward like a siren to sailors. I drifted forward, absorbing the place and feeling the awe one feels upon realizing the intricacy of human ingenuity. I was transported for a brief moment, into another time. I was 19, everything in the old world was new to me, I thirsted for it, I took in, I eat it all up and couldn’t get full. A smiling attendant, came towards me with a gentle voice asking me “How I was?” and the illusion that is time; reverted to the norm. I managed to stammer out the words “well, thank you. yourself?” feeling disoriented, I sat in a near by pew. I believe I heard an answer to my question, but I was still struggling to grasp my quantum leap, I am sure I responded with some auto-pilot pleasantry but my mind was focused on rationalizing my latest experience. So I just sat there for a long time, my eyes glossed over and when I couldn’t fit the square peg of the moment in the round hole of my usual well crafted reality, I was left with only one option, to pray. Not because I was concerned with my sanity or worried about the future, no just to tell my maker … “thank you for reminded me of a the fire that exists within me”, for I thought it had extinguished long ago.