Yesterday, was a good day. My sister and myself went to conquer the Widgeon falls day hike in Maple Ridge. Now, this is by no means the first time we have teamed up to take on a day hike, in fact it was due to having tackled a lot of Vancouver’s day hikes on previous efforts that Widgeon was chosen in the first place. To be honest, our Canada day hike (Go Canada!) didn’t have the most intimidating reputation as far as adventures go and when we arrived we quickly realized it really could not claim to be the least travelled either but we were still up for it. After securing our ride (a ferry sized canoe named Jesse) we joined families, couples, and tour groups on the water as we all headed across Pitt Lake to widgeon slough on route to the trailhead. Yes, one of the most exciting part of the whole day for us was that fact that we would get to paddle through a marshland that is picturesquely nestled in the mountains and it was beautiful. My sister the seasoned kayak instructor maneuver us with ease through the meanders of the shallow water way, as we began a sort of descriptive rhyming game ” The tide is so low, yes this slough has no flow” that had disney melodies mashed in (no idea why?) as swallows chased unseen bugs around us and small fish jumped up to say hello.

All to soon, we were beaching ourselves near the trailhead, took to organizing ourselves a little, had a bite to eat and we were off taking the supposedly closed creek trail. After about 30 mins of strolling along the creek that feeds the slough, and walking in between mostly evergreens we arrived at the falls. A great place for a hangout, and so we hanged out. Watched people much braver then us jump in and out of little potholes full of freezing cold water and chatted with some locals. Soon, we were on are way back to canoe, talking of subjects such as native eatable berries and comparing the creek path we had taken earlier (winner) to the more beaten track we were on. As we jumped back in the canoe on our last leg of the adventure, Rachel began to serenade the world with a rendition of “The Colors of the Wind”, while I fought the Jesse trying to steer in a reasonably straight line with my personal nemesis, the J-stroke.